It is with great regret that we have had to take the very difficult decision to close the day facility at Paul’s Place, along with cancelling our short breaks and out-of-house activities until this has passed. This is due to the advice given by the Government and the Chief Medical Advisers to reduce risk to those with health conditions and to avoid gatherings of large numbers of people.

We are still here to help

Whilst the day facility is shut, Paul’s Place is still open. Paul’s Place started with a group of compassionate individuals seeing a need in their local community and this still continues to motivate all our staff here today. Their care and compassion will continue throughout this period as we take the time to change our services and support those we have come to know and befriend.

The staff team have been working hard to create the Paul’s Place Emergency Response Project which kicks into operation from March 20th.

The Emergency Response Project aims to ensure that we:

• Stay in contact with all our Members over the coming weeks, initially through a telephone befriending project;
• Identify those Members who are most vulnerable and isolated to offer practical support where we can;
• Liaise with other organisations such are working with Local Authorities and care providers to ensure that care packages remain in place for Members at this time.

We have put staff into different roles depending on their own health and situation and we are hopeful that we are able to remain functioning throughout the months ahead.

It is important that you stay in touch with us during this time and I would encourage you to:

• Keep connected with us through our social media accounts and for our Members the Paul’s Place (Closed) Facebook page;
• Email us at with any questions or concerns that you have;
• Contact the office, we remain open Monday to Friday between the hours of 10am to 4pm.

This will pass and we will continue to keep you updated as to when we are able to open the day facility again. Once it has been announced that social gatherings, activities and trips are safe again, we will work towards rearranging those for our members.

Until then, we look forward to staying in touch with our members and offering support where we can. Our community as well as the wider community have already come together to ensure the safety of all those affected.

Thank you to all of you who support and make Paul’s Place what it is. We understand how difficult this time is, but have also seen how positive, strong and supportive our community has been and will continue to be. We are very hopeful and confident Paul’s Place will return back to normal, including the full range of activities we provide.

Take care of yourself and if you are worried about someone in your family or community please seek advice from government and local authorities webpages.

Daniel Cheesman, CEO

Paul's Place

  • To support and facilitate physically disabled adults
  • To provide a safe social environment
  • To promote independence whenever possible
  • To provide a support plan, which will enable physically disabled adults to reach their full potential
  • To provide a programme of individual and group activities
  • To give physically disabled adults the opportunity to create their own environment

Our Vision:

We are recognised by local government, its agencies and the people of South Gloucestershire, Bath & North East Somerset, North Somerset, and Bristol as a centre of excellence for physically, sensory and cognitively impaired adults.

We will have safe, well run day facilities filled with fun and laughter, and an expanding programme of support for those who need care in their homes, and for their carers.

We will be seen, as we are now, as an organisation that gives from the heart, that really cares, and which makes a big difference to people’s lives. These values will remain core to everything we do, now and in the future.